Advantage FMT
  1. At FMT, we celebrate individual excellence. We believe that each individual has enormous potential which is best realized when the person has an opportunity to take responsibility for his or her own actions. FMT strives to be the medium that delivers the freedom to realize your dreams.
  2. ‘Managed Project Delivery’ model from FMT allows Techies flexibility with requisite structure and certainty to maximize their efficiency.
  3. Large international customer pool allows Techies access to diverse assignments. Work with eclectic teams, benefit from global outlook and learn best practices.
  4. All commercial discussions and agreements are managed by FMT so Techies can focus on their work. You do not have to spend time looking for work.
  5. Project management, QA support, and active feedback mechanism allow Techies to remain at the cutting edge of their domains.
  6. Earn significantly more than regular full-time positions with mainstream  IT services companies. Make your mark, work with the people you like.
  7. Work your own hours, avoid commuting and be your own boss. Define and manage your career goals by choosing assignments in areas you wish to focus on.
  8. Online regular payments, linked to pre-agreed deliverables and milestones. FMT absorbs customer default risks.
  9. Opportunity to join FMT Project Management team for accomplished professionals.