Typical project requests


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"I love the idea of Managed Freelancing by FindMeTechie who are doing excellent work to ensure customer delight. It allows you to have agile project management and quality assurance packaged with development at the cost comparable to a typical freelancing assignment."

Engagement Models

Extended Team Members

Hire techies with specific skills to augment your existing tech teams. These engagements run long term and Techies work part of the extended team, interacting with more than one team member at the client organization. This model works best where the specific assignment is not defined but a role is. These team members normally work on a full-time basis ( 40 Hours a week) and are able to manage required time zone overlap.

Part Time Project Team Members

Suitable when the specific requirement may not be sufficient for a full-time role, you can hire a part time techie working somewhere between 8 to 40 hours a week. Many techies are only available for part-time roles given their existing regular commitments.

Project Based Assignments

It is also possible to contract techies for a pre-agreed fixed fee where specific project or assignment where requirements and deliverables are clearly defined. FMT team extends help in defining the scope and payment structure for such projects and follows through the execution.

Employer - How Does It Work

  • Tell us about the skill set and competency level that best describes your ideal team member.
  • Share details about the assignment and key deliverables.
  • We will acknowledge your requirement
  • We will designate a dedicated  Account Manager (AM)
  • Our AM will be in communication with you and coordinate interactions within 12 hrs.
  • We use our analytics engine to filter profiles for skills and availability.
  • Your account manager will further fine-tune the list.
  • We share a shortlist of techies that match your requirements and are available (3-5 resumes)
  • We schedule Video/ Audio Interviews.
  • Once you have zeroed down on the potential hires, we share Master service agreements and individual SLAs.

FMT Guarantee

FMT has built sufficient trust with its panel of Techies to be able to guarantee:

Pay upon satisfaction

FMT will absorb the costs if you are not satisfied with the work. You pay only when you sign off.

Price Guarantee

Billing rates are fixed for the duration of a project or an assignment.

Resource availability

FMT will ensure availability of selected Techies for the duration of the project, if for any unforeseen reasons the Techie is not able to continue on the project, FMT will deliver an acceptable transition plan to you without any additional cost.

IP Protection and Data Security

We commit to and adhere to highest standards of IP protection and Data Security. Unlike other freelancing sites FMT assumes responsibility for its Techie's actions.