What does FindMe Techie do?

FindMeTechie is an on-demand IT-services provider and delivery alliance partner, created with the intention of significantly reducing the cost of managing resources and IT services.

Where are you based?

FindMeTechie is based out of Florida, USA and we have our development office in New Delhi, India.

Do you provide Techies for hire?

We provide complete project and resource management services. Our customers have the option of getting their job done by hiring our Techies or simply giving us the job, sit back and relax, while we deliver complete IT solution.

How does FindMeTechie engage with Techies?

Besides having an in-house team of Techies, we maintain a comprehensive database of Techies from across the world to serve diverse customer requirements. We organize programs to rope in fresh as well as experienced talent on regular basis.

If you have any specific question, please email us at admin@findmetechie.com and we’ll get back to you shortly.

How do you select Techies for your customers?

Upon receiving customer requirement, our team cherry-picks techies from our comprehensive database matching customer requirements and suitably recommend select CVs. Our customers are able to interview the techies directly and also check their skill-level by running a test assignment, before arriving at a decision about engaging with us

What kind of technological skill set do you have?

We work extensively on a wide range of technologies including Ruby on Rails, PHP, Dot Net, Mobile Apps, Java, Groovy on Grails, CMS - Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Angular.js, Backbone.js, Node.js and other front-end development.

How do you ensure confidentiality of work?

Agreement (NDA) that ensures IP protection or any other concerns related to confidentiality of dataAt the time of formalizing relationship with our customers, we sign a Non-Disclosure or work

How do handle project delivery?

Our relationship with our customers begins with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with well-defined deliverables and time-lines. Using various project management tools, our Techies follow agile engagement that makes it possible for our customers to monitor the progress in an on-going manner. You are able to see what is happening in real time and receive the code at the end of the day.

How does FindMeTechie claim its global credentials?

Our current customers are from Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States. With a collective experience of more than 100 years, our Techies have worked with companies like Deutche Bank, Tibco and IBM.

Why should we give preference to FindMeTechie over others?

Besides several advantages enlisted below, the biggest advantage that our customers have is a very personalized treatment, where they can directly reach our senior management anytime.

What customer engagement options do you have?

To give our customers the desired value for their money, we offer them various options to engage with us as per their precise requirements, which include:

  • Dedicated hires (fulltime, part time and hourly basis)
  • Individual and team sourcing
  • Onsite and offshore service
  • Long and short term contracting
  • Fixed cost based IT services

What are the advantages of working with FindMeTechie?

  • Access to global talent - Our platform enables customers to have experienced and credible consultants from all over the world.
  • Assured quality deliverables – Customers rate the performance of each Techie they use at various levels providing substantive feedback on a continuous basis.
  • Dedicated account manager – Customers are assigned a single point contact for all their resource needs andsupport, with the senior management being just a call away.
  • Hurdle free engagement - Our agreement based flexible payment system and enter-exit policy ensures that our customers do not face any problems whatsoever.
  • Part time as an option - Given our pool of independent freelancing techies willing to work part time, our customers have the flexibility of precise need-based engagement.
  • 24x7 customer support - Customers can reach the assigned Account Manager during business hours or our customer support representatives in after hours.
  • Cost effective – Customers get very competitive rates from us. We make every effort to ensure that our customers are able to access the best talent at the best market price.

If you have any specific question, please email us at admin@findmetechie.com and we’ll get back to you shortly. 

Do you display all Techie profiles on the website?

No. Our Techie profile display policy is entirely consent based, which means we display on our website the profiles of only those Techies who give their consent for the same. Otherwise, the profiles remain part of our database only.

How do you ensure privacy of Techie profiles?

Upon receiving a Techie profile, each Techie is given a unique FindMeTechie (FMT) ID, which is displayed on the website along with the skill-set. Personal details such as Name, Email, Phone, Company or address are not displayed for public viewing. In any case, prior consent is a must for the display.

How do you pay your techies?

The payment structure is mutually agreed based on the nature of engagement. Our full time Techies are paid on standard monthly basis following 40 hours workweek. If the engagement is milestone based, we pay upon satisfactory completion of each milestone. If the engagement is task based, the payment is made upon satisfactory delivery of the task and sign off.

What kind of career growth path FindMeTechie can offer?

We have been able to attract, retain and mentor talented IT professionals in a way that our clients continuously derive value and enhance their productivity and efficiency in their ongoing IT projects and new initiatives. This makes it a mutually enriching relationship and gainful proposition. As our customers grow, our Techies grow too.

If you have any specific question, please email us at admin@findmetechie.com and we’ll get back to you shortly. 

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