What does FindMeTechie do?

FindMeTechie (FMT) team have extensive experience in providing cutting edge services to global clients. We provide end-to-end performance testing solutions to help our clients launch future proff applications with high responsiveness, availability and scalability. We have expertise in commercial and open source performance test tools, such as JMeter, WebLoad, NeoLoad, and OpenSTA performance testing tools.

Service Offerings

  • End-to-End performance engineering services
  • Performance Testing Tool Feasibility
  • Performance Testing Framework Development
  • Application Performance Monitoring
  • Pay as you Go service option

JMeter is an open source desktop Java application that is designed to load test and measure performance. It can be used to simulate loads of various scenarios and output performance data in several ways, including CSV and XML files, and graphs. Because it is 100% Java, it is available on every OS that supports Java 6 or later.

Open STA  ( Open System Testing Architecture)  is a GUI-based performance tool used by application developers for load testing and analyzing. It is capable of performing the heavy load test and analyses for the scripted HTTP and HTTPS.  These data and results can be later exported to software for creating reports. This is a free testing tool and it is distributed under GNU GPL.  This tool was originally developed by Cyrano, which was later taken over by Quotium.

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