FMT’s ‘Managed Freelancing’ provides an efficient model for building reliable and scalable  tech teams on demand

Core Values


We believe that long-term relationships are built on trust and transparency. We seek to understand and match requirements and expectations of our stakeholders (Customers and Techies).

FMT supports both customers and techies to forge relationships that go beyond single projects.

We believe in the power of Individual Excellence and amazing possibilities of a free spirit.


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Our expertise lies in asking the right questions, understanding requirements of our customers and matching them with the suitable techies.

We spend considerable time and effort to establish credentials and capability profile of techies who work with us.

Well-honed processes at FMT enable techies to perform as expected and minimize performance risk for the customers.


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FMT leadership has experience in all aspects of tech outsourcing. We have been techies, engagement managers, and business development heads.

We have built and managed large in-house tech teams and we have been on the other side of the table managing large outsourcing projects as clients.    

We aim to contain variables that are considered an acceptable tradeoff in working with remote resources. 

FMT Difference

FMT works only with pre-screened techies who go through a pre-qualification process to be listed on the panel. FMT team has direct interactions with every Techie on the panel. We maintain their complete work profiles which include prior work history, qualifications, certifications, and references. FMT has a negotiated billing rates which ensure long-term alignment. Techies do not leave projects midway because they find something more lucrative.

All the work is uploaded to staging servers every day, Project managers keep track of deliverables, QC team oversees work. Project management and quality control are not charged separately.