What does FMT(FindMeTechie) do?

FMT(FindMeTechie) is on-demand IT project delivery platform which helps Employers easily build teams and deploy high skilled resources in projects.

FMT team works hard to understand requirements and get right skills in place in minimum amount of time and take fill responsibility to deliver projects.

Where are you based?

FMT is based out of Milpitas California, We have operations in Miami, Florida, New Delhi, India and Singapore as well. Our Project management team is based out of New Delhi, India.

How does FMT engage with Techies?

W​e maintain a ​curated ​database of Techies from across the world to serve diverse customer requirements. ​All profiles are validated before these are matched with employer opportunities.

If you have any specific question, please email us at admin@findmetechie.com and we’ll get back to you shortly.

How do you match Techies with Employers?

Upon receiving the employer requirements, we run a skill matching algorithm ​on​ our Techie database. Result are further fine tuned by the Project Manager for specific assignment​. PMs reconfirm availability and recommend a shortlist of profiles to the employer. Customers can seek further information and conduct Phone or Video interviews with the Techies. It is also possible to run test assignments or ask about standardized test scores from the Techies.

How do you handle project delivery?

FMTs differentiation lies in the additional project management support it offers to employers and tech freelancers. Our relationship with our customers begins with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with well-defined deliverables and time-lines. Using various project management tools, our Techies follow agile engagement and project managers monitor the progress in an on-going manner.Employers have visibility in real time on both the progress and quality of the work.

What customer engagement options do you have?

Setting up right team structure and service level agreements. TEAM FMT has an experience working with clients across the globe doing FULL SCALE IT projects to CMS related web sites. We understand QUALITY parameters and deliver per expectations.

Do you work with other Agencies and Companies?

FMT caters exclusively to individual Techies. Our business model require that Techies work on our platform and our employers always have direct access to Techies they are working with.

What should I do after I register as an employer?

Define your assignment or project. Outline your objectives, deliverables, the skills you're looking for, and required timelines.

What is most critical part of an Freelancing engagement?

Writing a clear and concise job requirement. More you know what you need easier it will be delivered. A clear assignment requirement helps FMT PMs select right resources, and monitor deliveries as well.

What if I'm not satisfied with the outcome?

Active on going project management ensures that you are able to see the gaps early on and initiate remedial actions along with FMT PMs. As a back stop you pay only when you are happy with the work and sig off on the delivery.

How can I ensure that my IP is safe?

The Master Service Agreement terms state that you own any intellectual property that you pay for, and ourTerms of Service contain default Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which many clients consider sufficient for this purpose.

Who owns the legal rights to the work or product developed by a freelancer engaged through FMT

FMT Terms of Service specify that ownership of the work commissioned for and paid by the employer always transfers to the client.

How often will I be charged?

Billing frequency is agreed at the time of signing agreements. Most customers pay on weekly or monthly basis depending upon the credit assigned to them by FMT. Fixed-price projects are divided into agreed-upon milestones and payments are expected accordingly.

How do I get invoiced?

We will send invoice based on pre-agreed milestone or deliverables. Our invoice comes after complete satisfaction of service and delivery.

Do you display all Techie profiles on the website?

1. ​No. FMT does not display individuals techie profiles with identifying details and photographs on the website.
​2. ​We list only Skil​l​ and experience profiles on the platform. Personal details are only shared at the time of interviews or assigning the work, till then FMT PMs and potential employers work through FMT IDs only.

How do you ensure privacy of Techie profiles?

Upon receiving a Techie profile, each Techie is given a unique FindMeTechie (FMT) ID, which is displayed on the website along with the skill-set. Personal details such as Name, Email, Phone, Company or address are not displayed for public viewing.

How do I get started freelancing through FMT?

​1. ​All you need to get started are Tech skills that are relevant to our employers.
​2. ​Your next step is creating an outstanding freelancer profile to showcase your capabilities. This shucked highlight, Professional skills, experience, and portfolio Education and accomplishments Online skills test results
​3. ​The best profiles are complete, well-written, error-free, and feature a professional, friendly-looking picture. (Complete profiles and photographs are not shared on website)

What’s the best way to work with an employer at FMT?

In many ways, working with a employer online through FMT is just like working with any other client you may have worked with.

To be successful, you should choose work you're qualified for, communicate well with your project manager and the client and take the time to build a good working relationship.

1. ​Select your projects and clients carefully
When you interview for project do ask questions about the project and what result is expected. Be sure the needs of the job are in line with the desired deadline, and fits into your availability and schedule. Do not get into projects you are not confident of extending your best.

2. ​Communicate and post regular updates
Be proactive. Even if they don't ask for it. Let them know what you're working on, and what your schedule will be for delivering work. Respect time lines. Agree on deadlines with your client and make sure you keep them. If you won't be able to meet a deadline, inform you FMT project manager and client immediately to let them know when you'll be able to complete the work.

​3. ​Respond quickly and consistently. Clients may get concerned if they don't hear from a freelancer. Make them aware if you are going to be away on a vacation or there is a local holiday that will keep you away from the work.

​4. ​Ensure client satisfaction.
Start with the first submission early on. Ask your client if the work product meets their needs. As you submit intermediate deliverables, ensure that the client is happy with the delivery before you move on to the next step. At the end of the contract, make sure your client has everything they should have , take time to document minor details so the project can be continued without your active support.

How do you pay your techies?

The payment structure is mutually agreed based on the nature of engagement. Our full time Techies are paid on standard monthly basis following 40 hours workweek. If the engagement is milestone based, we pay upon satisfactory completion of each milestone. If the engagement is task based, the payment is made upon satisfactory delivery of the task and sign off.

What kind of career growth path FindMeTechie can offer?

FMT offers an extremely attractive alternate to jobs with run of the mill IT outsourcing or service companies. We have been able to attract, retain and manage talented IT professionals in a way that our clients continuously derive value and enhance their productivity and efficiency in their ongoing IT projects and new initiatives. FMT offers Techies to manage their own careers, work on the Technologies they like and choose the clients and projects that further their career objectives.