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Our Selenium Services

  • Test Automation Strategy Design and Implementation
  • Selenium Automation Framework Development
  • Selenium Automation Test Suite, Harness Development & Maintenance
  • Testing multiple platforms using Selenium WebDriver for Robust regression automation
  • Create robust, browser-based regression automation tests
  • Selenium test Automation using PHP, Java, C#, Perl,Python and Ruby
  • Wrapping Selenium testing scripts in the Testing Framework like TestNg, JUnit
  • Integration with popular Java build tools Jenkins, TeamCity Ant and Maven.

Assemble your own team

We offer first of a kind service to our clients by allowing them to customize their own team based on their specific needs. So instead of hiring a single techie, you can build your own expert team consisting of project managers, QA, Developer, Analyst etc.

What is managed project delivery?

  • With managed project delivery, you can save upto 40 – 60 percent annually.
  • Easily expand your workforce and save office space.
  • Get dedicated techies as per your need on full time/ part time or even hourly basis.
  • With experienced techies, businesses can quickly adjust to the fluctuating supply and demands.
  • No need to provide extra training and skills and directly hire the work ready talents.

How it works?

  • You first share the details about your work/project.
  • We acknowledge your requirement and designate a dedicated account manager.
  • After rigorous filtering, we share the best matched techies with you.
  • We share master service agreement and individual SLAs
  • You get full involvement with the day to day projects and reports.