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Our Machine Learning Services

  • Natural language processing
  • Custom machine learning models
  • Classification and segmentation
  • Anomaly detection
  • Behavior modeling
  • Facial recognition
  • Computer and robotic vision
  • Predictive data analytics

Why is Machine Learning a Good Choice?

  • Real-Time Business Decision making
  • Massive data consumption from unlimited sources
  • Prediction and processing
  • Interpret past customer behaviors
  • Easy Spam Detection
  • Enhance the efficiency of predictive maintenance
  • Improve precision of Financial Rules and models
  • Enhance security and network performance

Our Work Process

  • You first share the details about your work/project.
  • We acknowledge your requirement and designate a dedicated account manager.
  • After rigorous filtering, we share the best matched techies with you.
  • We share master service agreement and individual SLAs
  • You get full involvement with the day to day projects and reports.

Assemble your own team

We offer first of a kind service to our clients by allowing them to customize their own team based on their specific needs. So instead of hiring a single techie for Machine Learning, you can build your own expert team consisting of project managers, QA, Developer, Analyst etc.

AI Processes

Simulation of human intelligence processes

Artificial Intelligence unlocks your enterprise data’s true potential. Businesses are adopting AI to transform processes, enhance customer experiences, and cut operational costs. Our team of AI/ML engineers and data science experts can create fully automated models tailored to your business requirements.

Machine Learning

  • Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics
  • Recommendation Engines
  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Image & Video Analytics
  • Text Analytics

Data Science & Analytics

  • Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Neural Language Modelling
  • Text Analytics
  • Computer Vision

Natural Language Processing

  • Raw Language Processing
  • Entity Extraction
  • Statistical NLP
  • Linguistic NLP

Neural Network

  • Development Monitoring Services
  • Clustering
  • Fraud Detection
  • Business Analysis
  • Pattern Recognition

Computer Vision

  • Automate Repetitive Tasks
  • Object Detection, Tracking and Labelling
  • Video Analysis for Automated Surveillance
  • OpenCV & TensorFlow Development

Predictive Analysis

  • Pattern and Trend Identification
  • Behaviour Prediction
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Fraud Detection
  • Smart Forecasting

Data Support for AI/ML

  • Text Annotation
  • Image Annotation
  • Video Annotation
  • Content Moderation

eCommerce AI Solutions

  • Recommendation platforms
  • User Data Analysis
  • User Profile Building
  • Contextual Knowledge Incorporation

Data Automation

  • Architecture and Application Design
  • Development and Testing
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Upgrades and Migration

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • Solution Development and Integrationn
  • Bot Training
  • Bot Implementation
  • Maintenance & Support

AI Chatbot Development

  • Interactive Chatbots
  • Intent and Tone Recognition
  • Natural language Processing
  • Architecture, Integration, and Deployment

Here’s how we can help

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Business Value hypothesis exploration

Analyze data for maximum organizational value and profit.

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Model Success Enhancement

Optimize existing ML solution parameters for improved outcomes.

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ML Readiness Assessment

Evaluate infrastructure and data readiness for ML implementation.

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Problem-Solution Recommendations

Analyze challenges and receive ML or tech solutions tailored to your needs.

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Comprehensive Audits

Gain insights into current ML/AI solutions for informed decisions and maximum benefits.

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Team Training

Educate your staff on data gathering and leveraging ML solutions.

What You Gain

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Expertise without early recruitment, reducing risks and improving ROI.

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Insights into AI & ML opportunities and challenges.

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Innovative ideas and possibilities for smart organizational advancements.

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Data-driven decision-making for better outcomes.

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Quality documentation with recommendations and project milestones.

EA technologies Is Well Trained And Capable To Do

Object Classification

The objects can be classified into different categories.

Action Detection

We can identify an action or gesture of the person or animals in the image.

Object Identification

Identifying the object in the image or a video feed.

Object Tracking

The objects can be classified into different categories.

Forecasting Behaviour

Computer vision predicts reactions by analyzing mood cues in novel situations.

Object Verification

This includes checking if the required object is there in the image provided.

Object Counting

We can track and count objects in an image or video feed.

Crowd Dynamics

We not only tally passersby but also monitor their direction and density.

Object Detection

Computer vision systems enable locating specific objects within images accurately.

Facial Recognition

We can identify gender, age, emotions, the cultural appearance of people.

Object Character Recognition (OCR)

We can identify the text and numbers written in an image.

Object Recognition

Our computer vision identifies multiple objects and their locations with precision.


Monitoring Health Parameters for Critical Patients and Raising Alerts to Reduce Fatality Rate

  • Introduction: This case study delves into how EA Technologies developed a proof of concept (POC) for an old-age healthcare center in Hong Kong. The POC aimed to enhance medical treatment efficiency by continuously monitoring health parameters, medication intake, and patient habits. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, the solution demonstrated the automatic generation of alerts and preventive actions to mitigate health deterioration risks.
  • Background: The client, an old-age care center in Hong Kong, provides high-quality healthcare services to elderly patients. They sought to implement an alert system based on diverse health parameters and patient behaviors. This system would operate around the clock, monitoring patients’ various metrics, medication adherence, and taking preventive measures when necessary.
  • Problem Statement: The client needed to eliminate the manual recording of health parameters and medication intake, which was inefficient and time-consuming. Their primary objective was to expedite data collection and validation, thereby reducing operational costs and improving overall healthcare efficiency.
  • Objective: The primary objective was to develop an automated alert system that would trigger alerts when any health parameter exceeded predefined thresholds. This system aimed to prevent the deterioration of patient health and reduce the fatality rate among elderly patients.
  • Solution: EA Technologies’ solution team analyzed the client’s challenges and proposed the development of a proof of concept (POC) to address them:
  • Analysis: The team recognized that manual recording of various health parameters and medication intake was not efficient and consumed substantial time. They proposed a streamlined approach involving the use of sensors to continuously capture health parameters. These data would then be uploaded to a central server, where AI and ML algorithms would assess the data against predefined thresholds.
  • Alert Generation: When any health parameter breached the predefined threshold, the system automatically generated alerts. These alerts were transmitted to the respective doctors’ mobile phones, ensuring immediate attention to critical patient conditions.
  • Preventive Measures: The system also provided recommendations for preventive actions based on historical data and patient-specific profiles. This proactive approach aimed to reduce the risk of health deterioration.
  • Conclusion: EA Technologies successfully implemented a proof of concept (POC) that addressed the client’s need for continuous health monitoring and alert generation. By automating the process and leveraging AI and ML algorithms, the healthcare center can now react promptly to any parameter breach, ultimately reducing the fatality rate among elderly patients. This case study highlights the critical role of technology in enhancing patient care and improving healthcare outcomes.

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