Five ways Software Developers Powered by AI Expertise Can Elevate Businesses

Team FMT | October 25, 2023

The phone assistant reminds you that your favourite team’s match at the 2023 World Cup is scheduled today. You are scrolling through an app on your phone when an ad for a laptop you have been raving about flashes across. Not your sibling, but your favorite OTT app has listed movies you might enjoy. Today, AI is no longer a guest but a welcome or an intrusive member of your family. This advanced form of technology has disrupted businesses, our lives, and the economy at large. We have witnessed its ‘almost human’ presence across apps, objects, machines, and vehicles, and it has helped us make decisions and predict situations based on the information provided.

“AT FMT, the assimilation of artificial intelligence has been the turbo to our engine as it has helped elevate business results substantially.”

The consolidation of this advanced technology with software development has resulted in enhanced solutions that provide tremendous value to businesses. Developers are more empowered as AI has enunciated their expertise and improved their productivity, here’s how:

Custom AI solutions: Nowadays, businesses seek specific resolutions rather than a default option for a problem. That’s where software developers with a focus on AI technologies can provide personalized solutions. Their domain expertise in Python, Java, and PHP, combined with their knowledge of Machine learning, will help create custom AI-enabled solutions that can successfully address the challenge in question. This advanced approach can speed up the process, help predict project timelines, reshape a developer’s role, and help with overall strategic decision-making. Further, anomalies can be detected early on, which helps identify risks or potential opportunities in the data patterns. Above all, these solutions adapt to the overall business framework.

Optimal AI-enabled software deployment: Software developers with advanced AI expertise are a huge asset when deploying AI-enabled software. Natural language processing (NLP) expertise will help improve communication and automate tasks that allow developers to focus on more primary tasks. Acquaintance with cloud computing technologies can help scale operations and make room for flexibility. The landscape of testing architecture will see a major change as each stage can be tested and improved, courtesy of AI tools. This has a direct bearing on the software development life-cycle (SDLC) as high-quality software can be deployed quickly and without error.

Detection of fraud incidents: Developers offering custom AI solutions can tackle one of the biggest business concerns: security concerns and data confidentiality. As businesses can have complete control over a bespoke AI solution, developers can identify risks, discrepancies, and security breaches to avert fraudulent incidents that could adversely affect businesses.

AI Integration and maintenance of AI software: Software developers with expertise frameworks can help integrate AI solutions across customer relationship management systems (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and AI-enabled chatbots to improve overall efficiency and produce more responsive solutions.

In addition to integration, software engineers can assist in the maintenance of applications through adept error management. Further, AI-powered solutions can scale up development, assimilate updates and initiate revisions as and when required.

“Alongside AI proficiency, it is important to prioritize the software specialist’s approach through the software development life-cycle.”

An agile methodology ensures regular communication, consistent monitoring and regular iterations at every stage across the project. This adaptive approach looks into the requirements of each assignment separately.

Finally, Project Managers support developers throughout the project as they attend to every query and concern using various project management tools. They can provide real visibility of the project and monitor its progress in an ongoing manner.

All in all, our holistic approach helps serve businesses end-to-end with advanced technological and managerial expertise.

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