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Team FMT | February 23, 2015

FindMeTechie is a platform that enables expert consultants (both Techies and Business) to market themselves and be the owner of their work packets.

Below are a few benefits:

1. Say you are expert in some technology example Java/J2EE or Microsoft Share point then you may help us in knowing you better and we in turn would share your resume/profile with our customers across the globe who might be in the need of your services.

2. After each project with us, we would get you rated by direct employer and our relationship manager. This will help you increase your market worth and confidence.

3. With us, No office politics! Just deliver and get rated and paid better and better!

4. We will like your resume to be professionally presented and if need arise, would refer you to get your resume done. All this effort would enable our customers to read about you quickly with desired information as needed.

5. Your personal information will not be shared without your prior consent either through email or your click on dashboard.

6. You may choose to block some companies with whom you don’t want to work with.

7. Expect market best rates and deliver well

8. Your visibility to the outside world may increase.

9. Opportunity to work on your chosen skill sets

10. Again, We stress on your one pager resume so be considerate.

11. Be a part of Global work force!

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