Why Full Stack Development is An Asset For Every Business

Team FMT | November 22, 2023

Full stack engineering is akin to being a film director who gives equal importance to how it appears on the big screen and the happenings behind the curtains to make it what it is today. It is a phenomenon in software development that deserves the spotlight with good reason. This comprehensive form of engineering gives you a 360-degree view as it involves the front-end and the back-end development of a website application. It also sees through the entire software development cycle–from developing user interfaces to creating data storage solutions.

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Five ways Software Developers Powered by AI Expertise Can Elevate Businesses

Team FMT | October 25, 2023

The phone assistant reminds you that your favourite team’s match at the 2023 World Cup is scheduled today. You are scrolling through an app on your phone when an ad for a laptop you have been raving about flashes across. Not your sibling, but your favorite OTT app has listed movies you might enjoy. Today, AI is no longer a guest but a welcome or an intrusive member of your family. This advanced form of technology has disrupted businesses, our lives, and the economy at large. We have witnessed its ‘almost human’ presence across apps, objects, machines, and vehicles, and it has helped us make decisions and predict situations based on the information provided.

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Service Level Agreements: The Critical Tool for Risk Alleviation in Remote Settings

Team FMT | September 27, 2023

A comprehensive SLA can play the role of a decision-maker when finalising an agreement between a service provider and a client. When laid out effectively, SLAs speak to the core values of accountability, data protection, and credibility, which are prerequisites in remote setups. So how do we leverage them in the trade-off for a dispersed workforce?

These formal contracts are a regular practice in various industries, including IT, cloud computing, and telecommunications. In the context of remote work, they take on a more crucial role as they serve as a road map for both parties to help understand the details and scope of the project involved and the metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). Security protocol guidelines are an essential component of this agreement as well.

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Time to let go Multi-Year IT Outsourcing Contracts

Content Editor | July 16, 2020

Over the last few decades, outsourcing has become increasingly popular. With the rise of the start-up, finding top international technical support has become easier for entrepreneurs. While IT outsourcing comes with various benefits such as reduced labor costs, increased efficiency and the ability to quickly implement new technology, many professionals are still worried about handing their projects to third-party vendors. The novel COVID-19 has left us all in a very strange, unstable position, however, business must go on.

The economic downturn that the IT industry is facing has forced companies to outsource more of their work in order to decrease discretionary spending and spend more time focusing on their core business. However, this is the time to remain aware and change your outsourcing strategy by transitioning to project-wise contracts instead of multi-year contracts.

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Service Level Agreement – While You Work from Home

Content Editor | May 22, 2020

What does it feel like to work from home with confidence? How does your confidence level gets impacted when working professionally from home? How is your relationship with your colleagues affected when working from home? According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), about 40% of employees feel stressed when they are at their workplaces. Continue reading “Service Level Agreement – While You Work from Home”

Are you looking for a Competent Ruby on Rails Developer?

Team FMT | February 27, 2015

Find Me Techie Can Help You Find One!

If you have arrived on this page via a Web search, you probably know why Ruby on Rails (ROR) has eventually become one of the most popular frameworks and perhaps, you might be planning on having someone develop your web application too. Even if you are aware of why you should choose RoR but having challenges hiring your team, this article offers some information on how FindMeTechie helps you gain advantage of all the goodness associated with ROR. Continue reading “Are you looking for a Competent Ruby on Rails Developer?”

Employer’s Advantages

Team FMT | February 23, 2015
  • Seek Guru’s  – Techie and business domain experts
  • Hire based on your requirement – Contract / Contract to hire, Full / Part time, Onsite / offshore
  • Dedicated Team FMT for searching of qualified candidates
  • Active pool of resources with past work references
  • Hire direct – cutting across multiple layers
  • Strong service level agreements in case resource works remotely
  • IP rights protection and all legal work signed off as per the requirement
  • No billing till approved time sheets
  • Availability of global talent – Wide choice
  • Dedicated Account Managers for quick response to your requests
  • Team sourcing facility available
  • Certified Project managers available on demand basis – as and when required to handle teams across the globe
  • Third party audit possible by seeking service of our experts and example being QA, Software engineering process, PCI compliance, Enterprise architecture validation etc
  • CIO’s available on demand for required consultancy / RFP management etc

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