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Team FMT | February 27, 2015

Find Me Techie Can Help You Find One!

If you have arrived on this page via a Web search, you probably know why Ruby on Rails (ROR) has eventually become one of the most popular frameworks and perhaps, you might be planning on having someone develop your web application too. Even if you are aware of why you should choose RoR but having challenges hiring your team, this article offers some information on how FindMeTechie helps you gain advantage of all the goodness associated with ROR.

Why Ruby on Rails?

With all the syntactic sugar Ruby offers, it makes your source code read like a prose, given it’s written by a good developer. Thanks to its support for unit testing, BDD and TDD, it leverages strengths of agile methodologies. On the other hand, with the Rails framework (jointly called, Ruby on Rails) it becomes one of the fastest approaches to develop web applications in a clean and maintainable fashion. Ruby on Rails framework earned its popularity due to a variety of innovative changes it brought into web development, such as:
1. Convention over configuration, that saves time allowing automatic generation of the wiring code
2. Automated code generation, again, saves a lot of time
3. Behavior Driven Development, not only makes it agile-friendly, but also improves quality of code
4. Beautiful Syntax, which makes Ruby a forerunner in terms of readability of code
…and many more.

RoR Works Pretty Well, But Who Makes It Work? Yes, the People!

However, finding the right Ruby on Rails developers has always been a challenge and growing demand is not really being matched by the skill available. This forms a great reason for you to consider, your pool of exceptional IT talents., unlike most outsourcing agencies, freelancing portals, or crowdfunding websites, works in a far more personalized fashion. It offers you advantage of skill of excellent Ruby on Rails resources who:

A. Possess just the right amount of experience in Ruby on Rails and other related web technologies
B. Are excellent at client communication and are self-organizing
C. Are able to work independently or within a team based on your decision
D. Have already gone through a rigorous technical screening process at and are ready for an assessment by you or your technical panel
E. Have demonstrated their abilities in development of several world-class, successful IT products and web applications

What Technical Skills Your Team Should Possess?

In terms of the commonly used skills, our professionals are adept at the following skills constituting parts of the Rails stack:

• Ruby on Rails
• Cucumber
• Capistrano
• Resque
• Redis
• MongoDB
• Apache Solr
• CoffeeScript and jQuery
• Github Enterprise
• PostgreSQL
• Haml
• Sass
• jQuery
• CoffeeScript
• Pivotal Tracker
• Heroku

In addition, our Ruby on Rails strength continues to grow in terms of technology enhancement, best practices adherence, agile methodology adoption, and contribution back to the open-source community. As a result, we have been able to have a constantly growing list of clients we helped turn their IT landscape to become their revenue generation points.


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