Everything You Need to Know About Hiring a Dot Net Developer

Content Editor | August 30, 2019

The job market for .NET developers is showing an upward trend across the globe as the demand for .NET developers is growing by leaps and bounds. In this post, we will shed light on the crucial factors that you should know about hiring a dot net developer.

Dot NET (.NET) programming skills are of great worth in today’s market. With the ever-increasing popularity of Dot NET programming, the demand for Dot NET developers is also increasing sharply among asp.NET development companies as well as private sector companies.

Dot NET programming is highly preferred over other types of programming languages as it is more efficient than the latter. However, the number of .NET experts is too less compared to the number of companies willing to hire dot NET experts.

Since the number of dot NET professionals in the job market is comparatively less compared to the demand, it is quite difficult to find a qualified dot NET professional. Therefore, you should carefully hire a dot Net developer if you want to outshine your business competitors.

If you are in the hunt for a competent .NET developer, here are some factors that you should keep in mind while hiring a dot NET expert:

  • Know the Fundamentals of .NET Framework: The first and most important step is to understand the fundamentals of .NET ecosystem. A thorough understanding of the basics will help you comprehend what to expect when recruiting the .NET experts.

 For example, you should know that a dot NET framework is a software development framework that supports different programming languages such as VB dot NET, C#, etc. Dot NET developers, on the other hand, work with the .NET framework using its programming languages.

  • Search Strategy: The next crucial step is to identify the right channels for locating qualified dot NET developers. It can be Quora, a Linkedin Group, job portals, and even global freelancing platforms. You will find plenty of talents online; nevertheless, you need to be cautious while picking the best-fit candidate. If you are an employer and looking to pick some great talent then FindMeTechie is one such portal.
  • Shortlisting Deserving Candidates: A candidate’s length of professional experience is not adequate to judge his/her dot NET programming skills. Instead of evaluating candidates based on their resumes, check out if they have applied for any certification test. At the same time, find out if they have the practical knowledge, and necessary potential that you are looking for.
  • The Interview Process: This is the most important phase of hiring a dot NET developer. Make sure you ask technical questions to the candidates to gauge their knowledge about the .NET framework.
  • Create a list of technical and scenario-based questions: Consult with your stakeholders and team members for creating a list of relevant questions that you are likely to ask at the job interview. At the same time, ask questions relevant to the work that the candidate is supposed to do once he/she is recruited by you.
  • Prioritize the interview questions: Once you create the list of potential questions, ask your stakeholders and team members to shortlist the best questions so as to create a shorter list of interview questions.
  • Build customized interview questions: Finally, customize the questions as per the candidates’ skills. Make sure the questions complement the actual job description. For example, a candidate having strong C# skills can be asked to write a C# script as practical test results go a long way in helping you make the final decision.


We hope the tips mentioned above will help you significantly in hiring the best dot NET developer for your company.

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