Free Tools for Employers to Build Own Technical Team

Content Editor | September 15, 2019


Finding and recruiting the best IT talents is a daunting task for businesses. Fortunately, with the advent of online hiring tools, employee acquisition process as become much easier. In this article, we will highlight how employers can build technical team using free online tools. Read this post to know more.

Nowadays, more and more businesses are counting on free online tools to streamline their recruitment process. These online tools helps you find the best talents from different corners of the globe besides helping you build a remote IT team. Moreover, these tools offer a cost-effective way of hiring the best-fit candidates so that you can stay ahead of the pack. One such tool is— a site that has been revolutionizing the process of hiring the best techies for your long and short-term projects.

FindMeTechie (FMT) helps startups as well as large-sized businesses to build personalized IT teams. It has a strong team consisting of offshore UX/ UI experts, functional/ automation testers, technical architects, software developers, and project managers to help you with technical tasks. FMT selects IT experts only after assessing their credentials thoroughly. You can either hire them as an extension to your in-house team or for developing full-scale software products.

Additionally, FMT has a project management team and QA team that ensure the successful implementation, and on-time delivery of your IT projects. All you need to do is share your technical requirements, and FMT will do the rest to help you build technical team

FMT works in the following simple steps:

Step 1: Visit to build your IT team.

Step 2:  Use the drag and drop tool to add the resources required by you from the left panel.

Step 3:  Fill all details describing the competency level and technical skills that you are looking for in your team member.

Step 4: Provide your full name and a valid email ID.

Once you share your requirements, FMT reverts within six to eight hours with rate card and service level agreement specifying the scope, and terms and conditions of the services offered, for your approval. Once you approve the same, FMT initiates the process of picking the best resources based on your requirements.
FindMeTechie selects the best IT experts matching your IT requirements, and shares the resumes of the chosen IT professionals so that you can shortlist the best candidate. Once you shortlist a candidate, FMT schedules an audio/video interview so that you can obtain more insights about the shortlisted candidates before hiring them. An audio/video interview also helps you evaluate the shortlist candidates’ command over technology.

As soon as you select an IT resource, FMT signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and also shares a service-level-based work order as per your initial conversation. Additionally, before commencing your project, FindMeTechie conducts workshops to set project delivery milestones. management team Last but not least, FMT raises invoices only after delivering your projects successfully. What’s more, you can make the payment online only if you are fully satisfied with their deliverables.
So this is how FindMeTechie’s online tool for employers helps you build an extended IT team for your company. Currently, FMT offers its services in the USA, the UK, France, Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, and Australia.

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